Attendee List
The ATTENDEE LIST is the heart of your event. It is where you will see all confirmed (Approved) attendees and all registrations to your event.
Only attendees within the Approved Attendees list will have access or will be processed for the following products: website, event app, badges and check-in app.
Within this section of the dashboard, you will see different lists depending on the basic configurations of your event. You will potentially see some or all of these tabs:
  • Approved Attendees: confirmed attendees; this is your final attendee list.
  • Sold but unassigned tickets: these are tickets that have been purchased, but have not been assigned to a specific user (via the email address) yet.
If you allow people to leave some fields blank upon registration, some of them may have missing attendee data. All tickets should at least have a person's first name, last name and email address in order for them to appear in the Approved Attendees list.
  • Attendees to be approved manually: these are the attendees which you must approve or reject when running a private, manually-moderated registration process.
  • In process: people who are registering to the event, but have not completed the process yet for whatever reason. Someone will be listed here if they completed the first step of registration — which is providing an email address.
  • Deleted: deleted/cancelled registrations.

Filtering the list

You can narrow down the attendee list by using different filters found in the Approved Attendees list.
The principal filters are the following:
  • By ticket: ticketed events.
  • By promo code: ticketed events.
  • By delegate category: if activated.
  • By language: if more than one language is activated within the event.
  • By attendance reason: if networking module is activated within registrations.
  • By RSVP status
If you want to access more filters, click on Show/hide advanced filters. This will allow you to filter the attendee list based on close-ended questions on the registration form.
Click on Clear filters to reset the filters.

How to use UTM parameters as filters

There is an option within the available filters to use UTM parameters. To find out how to use this functionality, watch this video.

Allowed Actions

On the far right side of each entry, you can also find the below icons:
  • Send message: an email editor will appear. You are able to send an email to any attendee by clicking on the Send button after configuring the subject line, contact name, reply-to email (optional) and the email body.
  • Edit attendee: this option allows you to manage several aspects of the attendee:
Registration Details
Edit Attendee Data
Agenda builder
Received E-Mails
You can execute actions here such as sending the confirmation ticket via email to the attendee (Send Ticket by Email), downloading the confirmation ticket yourself (Download Ticket), sending a reset password email to the attendee (Send Password by email), editing a user profile (Edit User Profile), and opening the attendee's profile page (View User Page).
Clicking on Edit User Profile will allow you to access three tabs: Profile Info, Email and password, and Unsubscribe emails. These tabs are explained in full in My Profile.
You may also click on each attendee's payment details (for paid, ticketed events), by clicking on View details:
Lastly, you are also able to get a direct overview of the attendee's answers to the registration form within this tab.
This allows you to modify the attendee's responses to the registration form. Click on Next at the bottom of the window to save changes.
This section allows you to manually register the attendee to sessions and/or favourite sessions in behalf of the attendee. This becomes relevant if you are letting attendees register to sessions or if you have implemented the app for the event (where they can favourite sessions).
This section allows you to review which emails the attendee has received so far related to both automatic emails and marketing campaigns.
  • Delete attendee: deleting an attendee will remove the attendee's right to use several products within EventsCase. All deleted attendees are moved to the Deleted tab.
  • Print label: a PDF file containing the attendee's label will be downloaded (only relevant for onsite creation of badges using EventsCase printers)
  • Print badge: this button will only appear if you have successfully created a badge within the BADGES product.
From this navigation bar, still within the Approved Attendees list, you can do the following actions:
  • Eye icon: select which columns are shown within the attendee list.
  • Expand icon: toggle the full screen mode.
  • Export: download the list of attendees in CSV or XLS format.
  • Send an email: send an email to attendees in the current Approved Attendees list. Use search filters to narrow down the list.
  • Send RSVP: send an RSVP email to the attendees in the current Approved Attendees list. Use search filters to narrow down the list.

Manually adding attendees to the event

  • + Add attendee: add a single attendee to the Approved Attendees list. Complete all the details to complete the registration. You would only need to fill out user information (first name, last name, company and role) and create a password if it's a completely new user in the platform. If it's a ticketed event, you would need to assign a specific ticket and/or promo code.
  • Import attendees: add up to 500 attendees in bulk to the Approved Attendees list. Download the CSV template and fill out related columns. Mandatory columns are: first name, last name, email address, ticket (if applicable) and Active.
Put a '1' for each entry within the Active column if you want to send those attendees straight to the Approved Attendees list. If you wish to send them to the In process list, put a '0' instead.
If you have more than 500 attendees, you would need to upload the entire list in multiple batches.
If you have a paid event, check basic sales analytics below the attendee list.