Event App
Everything you need to know about the event app from an attendee experience. Please note that the options available will vary depending on the configuration of the event.

Pre Event

1. Downloading the app

The event app is available in both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) versions. Within your confirmation email, on the website of the event or via the event organisers preferred contact method, you can download the app from the relevant store by following the link supplied.

2. Settings

Depending on the configuration of your mobile device, when you download the app, you may be asked to allow notifications or for access to your camera. We recommend you allow notifications so as to not miss out on important updates before, during and after the event. Enabling camera access also lets you participate in other functions such as gamification.

During the Event

1. Accessing the Event App

Whether you registered via the event registration path or were added manually to the event, you should have entered or received login information. This will be your email address, chosen password or an automatically generated alphanumeric password. When you enter the app, (depending on the settings), you will need to use exactly the same details to access the event content.

2. What to Press

This is up to you, if you can see the icon and have logged in, then you’ll be able to view the content within. There is no real path for you to follow, just feel free to explore.

3. Sessions, Speakers, Exhibitors and Attendees

When you’re exploring the app content, no doubt you’ll come across many things of interest, who or whatever they are, don’t forget to “heart” (favourite) them so you have them saved to either attend, contact or review at a later stage.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Engage

Use the chat and feed sections of the app to reach out to others. Whether by means of a private message or a super smiley picture in the feed section, one of the main things that make an event are the people.

5. Capture Details

Made a new connection? Interested in hearing more from an exhibitor? Catch up with old friends and colleagues? Whether you are capturing or being captured, the lead retrieval function allows you to record contact details and add personal notes for future reference.

6. Venue Maps

Make sure you never miss a stand, session or meeting area by checking the venue map of the event.

7. Gamification (optional)

Have fun! Your event organiser has set you a challenge - how many points can you score, how many exhibitors can you visit or can you complete the puzzle? Will you accept the challenge and win a prize?

Post Event

1. Leaving your Thoughts

Rating a session or speaker or by completing the post-event survey, the only way events can be improved is by listening to those that lived the experience. Letting the event organiser know what wasn’t good, ideas for improvement or what was really good is all vital information in helping build a better event for the future.
Last modified 1yr ago