My Profile
In my My Profile, you can see some profile Analytics (your profile visits and the visited profiles) and edit your Interests, your Services and your Bio. Moreover, you may also upload a profile picture by clicking on the pencil icon within the headshot silhouette.
Interests: In this section, you can add information about your personal interests. What are your interests that you think other attendees would be receptive to?
Services: In this section, you can add the different services you offer if you are a service provider.
Bio: Try to encapsulate your essence by writing something interesting in your bio.
Your short bio will appear on your profile right under your profile picture. On the other hand, your long bio will appear within your 1-2-1 Meeting Scheduler profile if someone clicks on your name.
If you click on the pencil icon located at the top right corner of the page, you can see more options to personalise your account. You may also manage your email address and password, your email subscriptions, your agreement to terms and conditions and you may also delete your account.

Profile Info

Apart from your interests, services and bio, you may edit more sections here related to your profile information.
Profile privacy: Switch your profile to private if you do not want to take part in any networking activity. This means that your profile will be hidden in the networking attendee lists on the website and in other areas of the platform. On the other hand, a public profile means that anyone can access your profile and send you a message or video chat request at any time.
You may also edit your first name, last name, company and role within this tab. If you wish to add your social media links, fill out the social media fields. Lastly, you may add your location within this section.

Email and password

You can modify your user credentials (email address and password) here. You may also Verify your email address to receive test emails as an event organiser.

Unsubscribe emails

You can set email preferences anytime. Tick the email types that you would like to receive from the system and click on Update.

Delete my account

You may choose to delete your user account within this tab. You will be shown a list of all the events you were registered to. Be warned that deleting your account is non-reversible. All data pertinent to your account will be permanently deleted.

Terms and Conditions

Here you can review whether you have agreed to the latest platform terms and conditions or to specific events terms and conditions. Click on any T&C's to review them.