Event Dashboard
On the Event Dashboard, you can see the event's basic configuration, the products which you can potentially activate and the attendee list.

Basic event information

This section includes the start date, the venue name, and the event owner.
You can also duplicate an event or delete event data by diverting your attention to the upper right hand corner of the dashboard where you will see a Duplicate button and a trash bin icon.

Duplicating an event

You can duplicate an event by clicking on the Duplicate button as shown above or you can go to My Events, select the event you want and click on the blue Duplicate button beside ATTENDEE LIST.
You will have to define a new title and a new start date and mark the features you want to duplicate within the following sections/products: General, Registration, Website, Event App, Exhibitors or 1-2-1 Meeting Scheduler.

Deleting an event

You can delete an event by clicking on the trash bin icon. This will prompt the opening of a 'warning' popup window where you are advised that deleting event data is permanent and non-reversible.
You may have to ask your Project Manager or file a request in the Help Center to have an entire event deleted since you may not have sufficient rights to do so.


Under this section, you will find all the products that can be potentially activated within the event. Each product panel contains some quick-access links.
Within the EVENT DASHBOARD, you can activate the following products: Registration, Website, Event App, Badges, Check-in App, 1-2-1 Meeting Scheduler, Exhibitors and Email Marketing.


In the ATTENDEES section, you can view the attendee list according to the registration stage: Approved Attendees, Sold but unassigned tickets (for ticketed events), In process, Attendees to be approved manually (for manually moderated events), and Deleted.
Within the Approved Attendees list, you can employ the use of filters, send emails, manually add attendees, and export the attendee list.
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