If you are an exhibitor of an event organised via Eventscase, refer to the following steps:

1. Open the email

The event organiser will send you an email with the instructions to access the exhibitor’s portal (My Stand).
This is how the exhibitor's portal (My Stand) would look when you log into the platform:
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2. Respond to the registration form

If the organiser has added a registration form, a popup window containing the form will have to be completed the first time you access the exhibitor's portal (My Stand). Responses to the registration form can be modified at a later time.
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3. Update exhibitor information

Go to the exhibitor’s portal (My Stand) to edit all of the information associated with your stand.
  • Basic stand data
Within this section, you can upload a company logo, edit the company name and description, and add social media links related to the exhibiting company.
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  • Staff Members
You will also be able to add other staff members and give them access to the same portal and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler (if activated). Persons that are added here will appear within the front-facing modules of the website, event app, and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler. Any staff member added to an exhibiting company will have access as well to the exhibitor's portal.
The stand owner will have to add exhibitors as staff members first before letting them register for the event. Once they are already registered for the event, you will not be able to assign them as staff members for any exhibiting company.
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  • Brochures and files
You may also upload files that can be downloaded by event attendees from the website and event app. Within the Brochures and files tab, click on Add file.
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  • Publish your stand
For the exhibiting company to appear within front-facing modules of the website, event app and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler, it has to be published first.
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