Check-in App
Track attendance and crowd flow for physical events through the check-in app which is available in both iOS and Android. You can check people in (and out) of the entire event or specific sessions and easily generate reports from the back end.
The check-in app utilises your mobile device's camera to act as a "QR code scanner" for faster check-ins. Otherwise, you may also search for someone manually within the attendee list.
Attendees can present their unique QR codes by showing their ticket or badge. They may also load their QR code if they are logged into an EventsCase event app.
Examples of QR codes from a badge and from the event app:
Sample badge
QR code generated from the event app


The check-in app menu consists of the following tabs: Dashboard, Set up and Private Data.


Once the check-in app is activated, its status will show App available.
If you wish to use the check-in app, ask your Project Manager to configure it accordingly. Once set up, the download links will be found on the dashboard for both iOS and Android.
If your platform is hosted on a separate server, please be reminded that EventsCase will have to generate a new app for both Android and iOS; you will not be able to use the default EventsCase check-in app.
The statistics on the dashboard will show you data related to the check-in process. You will be able to see the following numbers:
Registered: total number of registered attendees on the Approved Attendees list
Attended: total number of attendees who were checked in to the event
Checkins: total number of checkins done via the check-in app (for physical events) or the AUTO-CHECK IN website module (for virtual events that are run in EventsCase websites)
Checkouts: total number of checkouts done via the check-in app (for physical events)
You may also view check-in statistics according to the ticket type, the delegate category, and the sessions.
To export a report of the check-ins and check-outs, click on the Export button. The report will show you timestamped entries so that you may pinpoint when exactly someone has been checked in or out.
Alternative method to check in (or out) attendees at the event level: the ATTENDEES section.
The ATTENDEES section shows all the attendees from the Approved Attendees list. You can manually check in and out attendees by using the buttons on the right-hand side.
If you have used the check-in app for sessions, you would need to go to the CONTENT menu and click on Agenda. Click on the Management of a specific session and click on Confirmed attendees. Lastly, click on the Download confirmed attendees report to download a CSV file. See process below:

Set up

Only users found within this section can log in to use the check-in app (iOS or Android). To add a new user, click on the "Add User" button.
You can only add users with existing user accounts in the platform.
If the person still does not have a user account within the platform, go to ADMIN -> User and click on Add new user. Alternatively, you can register them manually to the same event via ATTENDEE LIST -> Approved Attendees -> Add attendee.
If your email address is added as a check-in app user in other events (or even in other platforms within the EventsCase ecosystem), your login details will not work. In this case, it is recommended that you create a dummy account (via ADMIN > User) just to have access to the check-in app for this new event.

Private Data

This section allows you to show registration form data within an attendee's profile when their QR code is scanned in the check-in app or when you manually tap on their name in the attendee list. Tick the boxes that you'd like to show within an attendee's profile and click on Save.
Here is an example of how registration data (departure country and destination country) is shown within the check-in app:


The check-in app (iOS or Android) lets you accurately track your guests’ attendance on the day of your event. You can use it for the entire event and/or for specific sessions found on your agenda. There are several options that you can choose from:

Event Check-in

For the event check-in, simply click on Event check-in on the main menu and you’ll be able to see the entire attendee list. You can then check-in attendees to confirm if they have come to your event or not.
You can scan the attendee's QR code with your mobile phone's camera in order to automatically check them in or you can look them up within the attendee list and check them in manually.
Here is an example of scanning an attendee's QR code from a badge (you have to manually tap on In):
Here is an example of manually looking for an attendee and checking them in (you have to manually tap on In):

Session Check-in

Session check-in lets you check in attendees for individual sessions within your agenda and also shows you the date, start time, room, and the duration of each session.
In order to check the attendee into a session, click on Session check-in within the app's main menu and choose from a list of sessions. You will be then able to either scan the attendee's QR code or look them up by name.
The check in app is ideal for multi-session events where there may be various check-in points for attendees. Through the check in app, you can control access to different areas and know which areas are most frequented by attendees.
In case of sessions that require registration, the registered attendees will be displayed with a little star icon next to their profile image. If you wish to see a list of all attendees registered to the specific session, you can click on the star icon in the top right corner of the check-in app.
If an unregistered attendee tries to access the session, the App will show an alert indicating that the attendee is not registered to the session.

Change Event

The Change Event option lets you go to a different event if you have been assigned usage rights to the check-in app within other events in the EventsCase platform.

Works Offline

The EventsCase Check-in App is native for both Android and iOS. It means that the app works effectively even when there is no Internet connection available. Once the connection is restored, the data will be automatically synchronized across all devices and the platform.
The connection is shown through the following icon in the top right corner of the check-in app:
Please see below the types of icons and what they mean:
  1. 1.
    The device is connected to the Internet and check-in data is synchronized across all your devices.
  2. 2.
    The device is not connected to the Internet but check-in data has already been synchronized across all your devices.
  3. 3.
    The device is not connected to the Internet and has check-in data pending to be synchronized across all your devices.


For virtual events that are run through an EventsCase website, you can use the AUTO-CHECKIN module to track check-ins.
The process for virtual events is automatic. If you add the AUTO-CHECKIN module to your website, it will check in "logged in" attendees who visit a specific page containing this module without you having to do any action yourself.
Within the module configurations, you can choose whether the module checks someone in for the entire event or a specific session. Here is how you add this specific module to a webpage:
AUTO-CHECKIN module allows check-ins but not check-outs.
Reporting for website check-ins is accessed the same way as the check-in app. Event check-ins will be in the Dashboard of the CHECKIN APP product. Session check-ins will be accessed via CONTENT -> Agenda -> Management -> Confirmed Attendees.


To see Check-in App FAQs, click here: