How to Use the Help Center
While we try to keep our knowledge base as complete and updated as possible, we understand that you may still need to get in touch with our support team.
Please find below instructions on how to use our help desk - the Help Center.
1. Make sure that you are accessing your administrator account via your platform URL which is usually an EventsCase subdomain. Example:
Click on Help and choose Request Support from the dropdown list:
Alternatively, you can access the Help Center by clicking HERE or by choosing it from the navigation menu of this Knowledge Base.
2. You will need to create an Atlassian account since your login details for your platform in EventsCase will NOT work. To start the account creation process, click on Sign up.
Provide your email address. You will receive an invitation email which contains a clickable button for you to finish signing up to the Help Centre. Provide your full name and create a password.
3. Once you have created your account, you can start using the Help Centre by clicking on “English Support” or “Soporte en Español” depending on the language of choice. You can request for technical support, report an error, ask doubts, suggest new developments or raise an urgent ticket. Once you have sent the ticket, the support team will respond to you as soon as possible.
See screenshots for guidance below.
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