What is the badge status?

The badge status will show Badge design not configured if you haven't configured the badges yet. As soon as you save your design for the first time, the status will change to Badge designed.

How do I create a badge?

To start designing a badge, click on the Create new badge button. You can create as many badges as you require; for different delegate types, different ticket holders or based on a different language.

How do I change the size of the badge template?

To change the size of the badge template, simply change the dimensions (width and height) in millimeters. The template size defaults to A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) by default as this is the easiest size to print with a regular printer. Once an A4 paper is folded into four, it transforms to an A6-sized badge which is a typical size for conferences and events.

How do I upload a background image?

Click on the Upload new image button. Please make sure that the background image is proportional to the size of the badge template. For example, we recommend uploading an image of 1356 pixels x 1920 pixels as background image for an A4-sized template.

What are the different filters available for badge generation?

These are the different filters available to generate badges:
By attendee selected language: this is to generate badges based on which language the attendees have used to register themselves. This is only applicable if you have activated more than one language within the event.
By type of delegate: this filter is used to generate badges according to specific delegate categories. For example, if you want to generate only the exhibitors' badges, then you would apply the "Exhibitor" filter. This is only applicable if you have activated delegate categories within the event.
By type of ticket: this filter is used to generate badges according to the specific tickets that the attendees have purchased/used upon registration. For example, if you want to generate badges for attendees who purchased the "Early Bird Ticket," you would apply the said filter. This is only applicable if you have a ticketed event.

What attendee data can I add on the badges?

Profile data: these are the main registration fields including the name, company, role or email address
Profile images: these include the unique QR code and the profile pic associated to each attendee
Attendance data: these include type of delegate (delegate category), reason to attend (networking module), and the ticket name (name of ticket purchased)
Registration form: these are all the fields coming from the registration form of the event

How do I add registration fields on badges?

Simply click on any of the fields shown below. They will automatically appear within the template.

How do I adjust elements and texts on the template?

You may drag and drop elements and texts to reposition them in the template. A toolbar will also open if you want to change the text's properties such as the font size and orientation.

How do I preview the badge template?

In order to preview a badge template, click on Actions -> Preview button in the email editor. That will allow you to see how the badge will be displayed either on a desktop or a mobile device.

How do I edit the email?

The emailing tool in the Dashboard is exactly the same emailing tool found within other parts of the platform. You may simply drag and drop any type of CONTENT to the email body.

How do I generate badges?

To generate badges, you may simply apply different filters and click on Generate and send by email. If you are going to send the badges to your attendees one by one, make sure to edit the email. If you are going to generate the badges for yourself, there is no need to edit the email.

How do I download badges if they were not sent to my email due to high number of attendees?

The badges can be downloaded from the Previously generated section. The batches you see within that section are those batches of badges you have bulk-generated (when the "Email to" filter is set to either "Me" or a "Custom email") in the past. There is a download button (cloud icon) which you can click to download the batch. Downloading a batch will download a .zip file. The compressed file contains PDF files of all the badges.

How do I save changes to the badge template and email?

To save any changes to the badge template or the email, click on Save changes always. All progress will be lost if you do not save changes.