The CONTENT menu allows you to add basic event data to your event. Within this section, you are able to add speakers, sponsors, agenda, rooms, and social media links.
Contents that you add to this section are shared across different products within EventsCase such as the website, event app, and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler.


To add speakers individually, you can click on the Add button where you will have to fill out speaker information within this popup window:
To add speakers in bulk, you need to click on Import CSV, download the CSV template, fill out the spreadsheet, and upload it within the same popup window:
When uploading speakers in bulk, add direct download links to their headshots within the Photo URL column.


The first step in adding sponsors is creating sponsor categories (e.g., Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.) if applicable. Click on the Add category button and type a category name.
To add an individual sponsor, click on the Add sponsor button. Fill out missing information and assign a category if there is any.
To upload sponsors in bulk, click on Import CSV, download the CSV template, fill out the spreadsheet, and upload it within the same popup window:


To build your agenda, you would need to input all sessions within this section. You have to add the sessions manually because you cannot upload this data in bulk via CSV.
Create streams first, if applicable, to categorise your sessions according to specific themes. You can assign a colour to each stream (this colour will be used within some website modules and within the event app).

Creating a new session

  • Complete basic information: session title, date, time, short description, and long description.
    • Long description: Write here full details about the session. This description can be viewed when exploring the full contents of a session via the different agenda modules (clicking on a specific session).
    • Short description: Write here a concise, introductory description of the session. This will show when using the Agenda module.
  • Assign a stream if applicable.
  • Set a background colour: only applicable to specific website modules.
  • Add session image: This image will appear on the session preview if you are using the "Online Sessions" website module.
  • Open registrations for this specific session. You may establish the maximum number of attendees that will be able to register for said session. To activate the sessions registration, see instructions here.
  • Lastly, assign the speakers to this particular session by clicking on Add.
The session is now created. Click on the pencil icon to modify the session or the bin icon to delete it.
Use the Management section to review session visibility, to check current registrations, and to review attendance via check-ins after the event.
  • Visibility: restrict the visibility of some sessions on all front-facing agenda modules in the website, event app and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler.
    • Show this session only to invited attendees: this will show the session to the invited attendees only. You will have to upload a CSV with the email address of the invited users.
    • Show this session only to attendees with selected tickets: this will show the session to attendees who have purchased specific tickets only.
  • RSVP: send an email to registered attendees of the session to make them confirm their attendance before the event.
  • Confirmed attendees: download confirmed attendees report. These are the attendees who have been checked in using either the check-in app or the check-in module on the website.


There are two reports that you can download related to the sessions:
  1. 1.
    Resume of registrations per session: this report details all registrations per session.
  2. 2.
    Resume of favourites per session: this report details all favourites per session.


To receive an email notification every time someone registers to a specific session, type your email address within the following field and click on Save.

PDF Agenda

Last but not least, you may find a download link of your agenda in PDF format by clicking on the link within PDF schedule for attendees:
If you change the dates of your event, the sessions will be potentially deleted. To prevent deletion of sessions, consult your Project Manager.


You may designate rooms for each session. It's as easy as creating the rooms first and then assigning sessions to each room after.
To create a room, click on Add room, type the name and save. To add a session to a specific room, edit the room, click on the Add button and save.

Social Media

This section is only relevant if you are using social media website modules called Social Networks Scrolling and Share Buttons. The links you add here will be embedded on the social media buttons of said module.