My Apps
In this tab, you will be able to request a new app or manage existing ones.
If you do not have any existing app with EventsCase, the dashboard will look like this:

Requesting for an app

You can request a single-event or multi-event app depending on your contract. To request an app, click on the corresponding button where you will be greeted by a setup form:
Here's a short description of the information that should be entered within this form:
Name: this is for an internal reference only. Ideally, you should write the event name if it's a single-event app or the company/brand name if it's a multi-event app.
Launch Date: the launch date will default to at least one month after you submit this form. If you need the app earlier, please speak with your Project Manager.
Website URL: add your event/company website URL here.
Phone: disclose your phone number since this may be necessary for app submission within the stores.
Privacy Policy URL: please add the link of your company's privacy policy URL. This is a requirement within the stores.
Short description: write a short description of your app in 80 characters or less.
Long description: write a more detailed description of your app in 4000 characters or less. Within this description, describe how the app will be used during your event/s.
The rest of the fields within branding data, iOS data, and Android data are self-explanatory. For any questions, do consult your Project Manager.

Managing an app

Once you already have existing apps within EventsCase, they will be listed on the dashboard such as in the example below:
To manage an existing app, click on the app name.

Adding events to a Multi-Event app

In order to add a new event to your multi-event app, you just need to click on +ADD EVENT:
This will open a pop-up window where you can choose any upcoming event. You have the option to set the new event as public or private. Selecting Private means only registered attendees to that event will be able to access the menu by logging in first. Otherwise, selecting Public would allow app users who are not logged in to view the menu (although they would still be required to log in to view tabs which include personal information).

App Configuration

When clicking on EDIT CONFIG, you will find a pop-up window where you can set up the main colour and secondary colour of your app. This is also where you can configure the app's main privacy setting.
Choosing Public would allow app users to view the events list without logging in. On the other hand, choosing Private would require app users to log in first to access the entire app.

Request Changes

You can request changes to your app. Please note that you would need to inform your Project Manager if you have requested changes for any of the sections which were originally in the app request form. See below: