Attendees Settings
There are several things you can configure within ATTENDEES SETTINGS:

Tickets / Capacity

This tab is duplicated within the Registration menu. For a detailed explanation on how to set up tickets or event capacity, click here.

Delegate Categories

Delegate categories allow event organisers to classify attendees into different groups. This is useful for various reasons:
  1. 1.
    You may create registration form pathways based on the delegate category.
  2. 2.
    You may set the visibility of a website module based on the delegate category.
  3. 3.
    You may send app push notifications to a specific delegate category only.
  4. 4.
    You may hide app menu items based on the delegate category.
  5. 5.
    You may create different badge designs based on the delegate category.
  6. 6.
    You may synchronise attendees from the main event to the 1-2-1 meeting scheduler based on the delegate category.
There are default delegate categories within your event. If you need to add more, please inform your Project Manager or send a request via the Help Center.
You may allow attendees to choose their own delegate category if they are registering through EventsCase and even set this field as mandatory. As the event organiser, you may also manually assign a delegate category to your attendees by either editing their profile within the Approved Attendees list or by uploading a CSV file where you filled out the "Delegate Category" column.

Registration Form

This tab is duplicated within the Registration menu. For a detailed explanation on how to build the registration form, click here.


This section is only relevant if you are using the ATTENDEES module on the website.
Create different networking groups by clicking on the + Add button. You are able to set the networking group name, assign a colour, and choose other networking groups that this group would not see on the website module.
Attendees would either choose their networking group if they are registering via EventsCase or you may manually assign them a group by editing their profile within the Approved Attendees list or by uploading a CSV file where you filled out the "Networking Group" column.
Within this tab, you also have additional options such as allowing registrants to choose multiple networking groups and changing their profile privacy during registration. There's also a checkbox where all incoming registrants are assigned a private profile by default (meaning they will not appear on the ATTENDEES module unless they explicitly wish to participate in networking or set their user account as public).
Last but not the least, you may move existing attendees from one networking group to another as depicted here:

Public / Private Data

The fields found within this section are the same ones found on the registration form. Activating registration fields within Fields shown at public profiles or Fields shown at "my profile" section means that the attendee's responses will be made visible either in their public profile or their private profile within the event app.
Here is an example of how an attendee's responses to the registration form may be shown within his/her private profile on the app:
Remember to save whenever you select or unselect an option.

Post-Event Survey

You may create a post-event survey that you can send to your attendees manually via email at the end of your event. This survey can also be answered within the event app if you have contracted this product.
To create a post-event survey, click on Add question/text. The types of questions you can add here are exactly the same types of questions you may add on the registration form.
Once your event is finished, the survey URL and the Send survey button will appear in this tab. You have the option to send the survey only to those whose attendance were confirmed via the check-in app/check-in website module.
Please be reminded that you have to edit the email below in order to customise the email which is sent to attendees when you click on Send survey:
Once attendees have already responded to the post-event survey, you may download the results by clicking on Download Results. You may also view analytics for close-ended questions by clicking on View Analytics.
You must be a platform administrator to download the post-event survey results.

Automatic E-Mails

In this tab you will find all the automatic emails that you may activate within the event. Activate only the automatic emails that you will need (this would largely depend on how you configured your registrations).
Emails can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon in each row. Each email has a default version which you may edit by clicking on "I want to design my own template".
This would activate the email editor where you are able to edit the subject line, the sender name, the reply-to email and modify the entire contents of the email.
You can save any email template you worked on by clicking on Actions > Save as template. This will download a .json file which you can upload in other email templates so you won't have to start from scratch every time.
To upload a saved .json file, click on Choose file. The saved template will automatically load itself.
It is highly recommended that you send a test email to yourself for all the automatic emails you have activated. Type in your email address and click on Save and send a test email. Your email address has to be verified in order to send test emails to yourself. If your email address is not yet verified, see instructions here.
To see a detailed explanation of what each automatic email is, click here.