1-2-1 Meeting Scheduler

Pre event

1. Wait for the invitation to the 1-2-1 meeting scheduler
In order to access your profile and meeting scheduler, you will have to be invited by the event organiser. You will receive an invitation similar to this one that will give you access to the networking tool:
2. Respond to the 1-2-1 questionnaire
The first time you access the 1-2-1 portal, you will have to answer a series of questions set by the event organiser. These questions will help other attendees to know you better and also act as filters for the attendee list.
3. Manage your meetings:
  • Request for a meeting
In order to request a meeting, you will have to click on Schedule Meetings within the 1-2-1 portal. A pop up window will show all available attendees. It is possible to filter them according to their user type and their responses to the questionnaire. If matchmaking was activated by the event organiser, you may potentially see Recommended users as well.
If someone is of interest to you, click on Book meeting where you will be able to select the day, time slot, and table (virtual space for non-physical events). You can also add a personal message to your request before clicking on Send request. This request will be shown within your Sent requests until it is accepted or denied.
For virtual events, an automatic videoconferencing link will be generated within the meeting request as long as the event organiser has activated this option:
You can erase the link and add your own meeting link (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) if you do not want to use the EventsCase videoconferencing platform.
  • Accept or deny a request
When someone sends you a meeting request, you will receive an automatic email. To manage the request, you will be redirected to the 1-2-1 portal where you will see all requests under the Received section. You will see an overview of the meeting but you have to click on View in order to see full details and respond to the request. You have three options: you can accept the meeting request, decline it or decline and propose another time.
  • Cancel a confirmed meeting
In order to cancel a confirmed meeting, go to your Accepted meetings area or access the meeting straight from MY AGENDA. You will find the Cancel meeting button at the bottom of the popup window. This action cannot be undone; once the meeting has been cancelled, it will have to be rescheduled again.
  • Add a private note
If you'd like to add a private note, click on the icon shown below or you may manually view a confirmed meeting. You can add any private note that won't be shared with the other attendee.

During the event

1. Download your agenda
On the 1-2-1 portal, you are able to download your personal agenda by clicking on the download icon. It will be saved in PDF format. Furthermore, you are able to export your meeting to an external calendar such as Google Calendar or through an ICS file.
2. Access the meetings
For physical events, you just need to show up at the set time and space and meet with the other person.
For online events, it's as easy as joining a videoconference with the other participant. Open a confirmed meeting and then click on Join the meeting. The video call will open in a new tab.
3. Leave notes during the meeting
If you'd like to add a private note, click on the icon shown below or you may manually view a confirmed meeting. You can add any private note that won't be shared with the other attendee.
4. Rate your meeting
Rating the meeting will help the organiser know which meetings took place and if you have any feedback that you'd like to share (only visible to you and the event organiser).
You will also receive an automatic email once your meeting has finished asking you to rate the meeting (same form seen above).

Post event

1. Download your agenda
If you left notes during your meetings, downloading your agenda again will be very useful. All your private notes will now be reflected on the new PDF file.