How to Track Online Attendance

Using the AUTO-CHECKIN website module, you can track who among your registered attendees has joined the event or a specific session of your virtual event. You simply need to add this module to a specific page where it will automatically track attendance.
The AUTO-CHECKIN module can only track registered attendees who are logged in the website.
Within the module configurations, you can choose whether the module checks someone in for the entire event or a specific session. Here is how you add this specific module to a webpage:
AUTO-CHECKIN module allows check-ins but not check-outs.
After your event, you may then download reports of the check-in data.
To download the report of who has joined the event, go to the Dashboard of the CHECKIN APP product and click on Export.
To download the report of who has viewed a specific session, you would need to go to CONTENT -> Agenda -> Management (specific session) -> Confirmed attendees -> Download confirmed attendees report.
If the only way your attendees can access your sessions is via the Online Sessions module on the website, there is no need to add the AUTO-CHECKIN module within each session page. Clicking on the play button would count as a session check-in already.