Onsite Box User Manual

What’s in the box

1.) Essential Onsite Box

  • Kiosk App (iOS)
  • 2 iPads with 2 tablet desk holders
  • 1 label / badge printer
  • 4G router preconfigured
  • Instruction manual for self-setup

2.) Dual Onsite Box

  • Kiosk App (iOS)
  • 4 iPads with 4 tablet desk holders
  • 2 label / badge printers
  • 4G router preconfigured
  • Instruction manual for self-setup

Setting up the hardware

Unpack router components from the box and remove protective packaging.
1- Connect the antennas.
2- Connect the AC cable to the power port of the router.
3- Insert SIM card (if not already installed).
4- Press the Power Button to turn the router on.

Zebra Printer

Dimensions and weight: 28 x 20.8 x 23.2 cm; 3.89 kg
Unpack printer components from the box and remove protective packaging.
1- Connect the power pack to the power port of the printer.
2- Connect the AC cable to the power pack and then to either a power strip or outlet socket.
3- Turn on the printer via the On/Off button located on the rear of the printer.


• Unbox the iPad and turn it on.
• Enter the unlock pin: 123890.
• Tap on the Settings button, and select “EventsCase On-Site” WiFi, and insert the password: E9NELC95w7.
• Click again on “EventsCase On-Site” to open the options menu, and ensure the option “Auto-Join” is enabled.
• We recommend to check for any updates for the Kiosk App “EventsCase Kiosk” on our personal app manager “TestFlight”. If you are using the main kiosk app, simply update from the App Store.

Setting up the software (Kiosk App)

Kiosk App home page
• Once you open the App, you will see the Kiosk App home page. To log in, tap on the collapsible menu found on the lower-right corner of the page and tap on the human silhouette.
• Once you can see the log in screen, type in your username and password, previously supplied by the platform administrator.
In the next step you will see the following printer menu settings:
PRINTER: If you are connecting the printer to the router, you must enter the IP address (this can be preconfigured for you).
LAYOUT: Please speak to your project manager to confirm the compatibility of your preferred layout size with our Zebra printers. We usually print on 4" x 2" labels or on pre-prepared A6 templates. We have also printed on 9.7" x 1" bracelets.
EVENT: Choose the correct event to which your user account has access to.
AUTO CHECK-IN: This is to enable auto check-in with every print. This means that if you print John Smith's badge that he will be automatically tagged as "checked in". The check-in data can be downloaded from the Check-in App dashboard. You must be connected to the internet for this functionality to work.
The following four options are the elements that would appear on the Kiosk App home page. You may enable or disable them:
QR SCANNER: This adds the QR scan option for attendees. As long as they have their QR code from the event ticket or from the event app, they can simply present it before the iPad's front camera and the app will automatically retrieve their badge for printing.
SEARCH MANUALLY: You can enable this to allow attendees to search for their profile manually.
FACE RECOGNITION: This works in conjunction with a third-party face recognition technology*. Attendees must upload their profile picture either through the platform or the event app. As long as they have previously uploaded their photo, they may have the iPad scan their face to retrieve their badge for printing.
ONSITE REGISTRATION: This allows walk-in attendees to register for your event. You must provide the registration link within the URL field.
*Event organisers should do their due diligence to make sure that no privacy law is infringed by employing this type of technology and informing attendees beforehand that their pictures can be processed in such a way.


I can’t find the “EventsCase OnSite” Wifi signal.

A: Make sure the router is switched on and the led lights on the front are solid and not flashing.

There is a connection error message when I type in the Wifi password.

A: Press “Forget Network” on the iPad, then try to make the connection again.

Zebra Printer

The LED light is orange.

A. Firstly make sure the printer door is properly closed. If the door has been opened the printer will be on “pause mode”. In order to resume printing you will need to press the pause button to enable printing.

The labels don’t print correctly / the labels are jammed.

A: Open the printer door and remove any obstructions/damaged labels. Make sure the roll is correctly aligned on the printer arms and that it goes through the arm guides.

The printer does not have an IP.

A: You have to wait until the router is completely on to receive an IP from the router.

How do I load a new ribbon roll?

A: See image and steps below for guidance.
  • Open the printer by moving the yellow tabs on the side of the printer towards the front of the printer.
  • Once released lift the lid upwards, move one or both yellow locating arms to the side. If installed, the roll will drop slightly.
  • If applicable remove the old roll from the printer.
  • Make sure the labels are facing outwards and then by moving one or both of the yellow locating arms, allow the roll to settle in the middle, ensuring the lugs are located in the centre hole of the label roll.
  • Locate the end of the label roll underneath the running guides at the front of the locating arms.
  • Close the door and note for an audible click. A green light will appear once the door has been closed correctly.
  • The printer will automatically align the next label.
  • Press the pause button to resume printing.


What’s the iPad PIN code?

A: 123890.

I’ve added a new attendee and I cant find them on the Kiosk App attendee list.

A: The kiosk app database will need updating after each new entry. This is done by tapping on the refresh button beside the login button.

The iPad screen went off and when it was turned back on, it no longer prints.

A: Check that the Wifi network hasn’t changed, sometimes it changes automatically if you have more than one WiFi network saved on the iPad.