Digital Venue (Beta)
The digital venue is a website facility used to run virtual sessions in EventsCase. It has a livestreaming section which is made possible using integrations with providers such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Zoom. It acts as the stage of your online session where attendees can consume digital media, read session information, and engage in live interaction features.
The digital venue is currently under beta mode. If you would like to use this feature, please reach out to your Project Manager or send a ticket via the Help Center so we can activate it within your platform.

What are the advantages of using the digital venue to run your livestreaming sessions?

1. It saves you time by eliminating the previous requirement of having to create individual session pages and manually adding livestreaming modules into each page using EventsCase's website editor.

As long as the feature is activated within your platform, and as long as you have already set up the livestreaming configurations per session within each "room," each virtual session will now run using the digital venue — a predefined website page where attendees of your event can view livestreaming, read session information, and engage in live interaction features such as chats, live polling (upcoming) and Q&A (upcoming).

2. You do not have to worry about designing the website page of each virtual session.

The facility offers a uniform look for all virtual sessions you're running. Although there's little room to personalise the stage, our in-house designers optimised the UX and minimalist look of the digital venue so that it can function well in any device. Regardless, there are some basic elements that you can modify within WEBSITE > Branding/Colours such as the primary and secondary colours, your event logo, and the favicon. Should you bypass these configurations, the digital venue will draw default branding data from the platform itself.
3. The digital venue is fully responsive and can be viewed within mobile browsers.
We have optimised the entire facility such that it can be enjoyed in any device regardless of the screen size.

What are the features of the digital venue?

Livestreaming Section

This section is where digital media is shown. You can use YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom or our very own RTMP module if you'd like to independently feed your session straight into EventsCase.

Session Information Section

This is where you will see the session's title, description, timing and list of speakers.

Live Interaction Area

This area allows attendees to write chat messages within the session thread, search for other attendees, and send private messages. Two upcoming modules are coming in the near future: live polling and Q&A. Find below a detailed explanation of each tab:
CHAT: To improve audience interaction during a livestreaming, attendees can chat in the session thread.
Administrators can delete chat messages if necessary.
ATTENDEE LIST: Attendees will be able to see who else have joined the event through the attendee list. A green circular icon will appear beside the profile picture of someone who's online. Clicking on someone's profile will open that person's basic user info. A Send message button is also available to chat individually with other attendees.
Attendees who have set their profile to private via MY ACCOUNT > Account Settings > Profile Info > Profile privacy will neither have access to the attendee list nor will they appear in it.
MESSAGES: This is the primary inbox of all messages sent via the digital venue. Messages sent here are synched to the platform's main messaging system.

Important Notes

1. As long as the website product is activated, the website topbar will also appear within the digital venue of each session for easy navigation back into the website.
2. The digital venue can be optimised in the different languages activated within the event. However, the display of translations is limited to contents that are configurable by the administrator such as the session title and description. The rest of the predefined and non-editable text are only available in English and Spanish.
3. The digital venue's domain will follow the platform domain. If you wish to modify the domain, please speak about whitelabelling options with your Account or Project Manager. This will incur an extra cost.
In the next release, analytics can be drawn from the digital venue. A report can be downloaded per session to show you who has accessed the digital venue, the time they accessed it and the time they left.

How do you activate the digital venue?

Again, since this feature is under beta mode, it will have to be activated by your Project Manager or our customer support team via the Help Center.
Once it's activated, you just need to follow these specific steps:
1. Create the sessions within CONTENT > Agenda. Add a session description in Long description for it to appear within the digital venue.
2. After creating the sessions, you must now create a "room" to house all of your livestreamed sessions. In this example, there are two sessions we've added into the "Livestreamed Sessions" room: Session 1 and Session 2.
You must enable livestreaming for all sessions within this room by ticking the Enable online broadcasting of the sessions in this room checkbox. Doing this will activate the streaming configuration of each session. In the example you'll find below, Session 1 will be livestreamed using YouTube and Session 2 will be livestreamed using Vimeo.
You may also activate live interaction features in the same popup window. As you can see below, the session's chat area has been activated for both sessions. In the near future, you will be able to activate live polling and Q&A as well.
3. Configure basic branding for the digital venue by going to Website > Branding/Colours. If the website product is activated within the event, you may modify the following elements: primary and secondary colours, event logo, and favicon. If you don't have access to this area, the digital venue will draw basic branding data from the platform itself.

How do attendees access the digital venue of each session?

1.) Agenda modules of the website
The digital venue of each session is accessible via these agenda modules for the website: ONLINE SESSIONS, AGENDA, and AGENDA, TABLE DESIGN. You would need to click or tap on the 'Play' button for the ONLINE SESSIONS module or click or tap on the Watch session buttons for the other two modules.
2.) Event portal
If you still remember, you can view the event portal of all the events to which you've registered for within the Agenda section of the platform. Within each event portal, you may click on Schedule and click on the Watch session buttons to open the digital venue of each session.
3.) Event app
If you've contracted the event app for the event, the digital venue will automatically open within the app once you tap on the 'Play' button within each session:
Only registered attendees can access the digital venue of each session. A registered user must log into the website or event app to gain access!
In addition, we have to take into account that a session can be public, private, or restricted by ticket type or with registration:
    If a session is public, any attendee of the event can access.
    If a session requires registration, only registered attendees of that session can access.
    If a session is private, only invited attendees of that session can access.
    If a session is restricted by ticket type, only attendees with the corresponding tickets can access.
When a user cannot access the digital venue for the reasons explained above, a 404 error is displayed.

How do administrators access the digital venue of each session?

For testing purposes, administrators or event owners can easily access the digital venue of each session within a room:
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