How do I set up the Exhibitors Product?

1. Create different types of exhibitor stands. You can specify unique instructions for your exhibitors based on the type of stand they have contracted. You may also determine the number of staff allowed per type and limit the number of meetings they can have within the 1-2-1 meeting scheduler.
2. Establish exhibitor categories: you may create groups first and later on create subcategories. These can be used used to filter exhibitors within other EventsCase products such as the event app, the website and the 1-2-1 meeting scheduler.
3. The last step is to add exhibitors and assign them to a stand type from step 1. Each exhibitor can upload their company logo, description, social media links and brochures.

What does "stand owner" mean?

When you create a new exhibitor, you will need to assign an "owner" to the stand. This person will receive an email and will have access to the exhibitor’s portal (My Stand) to edit all of the information associated to their stand. Owners will also be able to add other staff members and give them access to the same portal and the 1-2-1 meeting scheduler.

How do I sync the Exhibitors product with the 1-2-1 Meeting Scheduler?

By activating the first option which is Synchronise the automatic creation and booking of tables within the 1-2-1, attendees who are using the meeting scheduler will be able to see the exhibitor list when trying to schedule meetings.
The second checkbox Synchronise restrictions on the number of 1-2-1 meetings associated with each Stand Type would limit the maximum number of meetings all staff members have (within each exhibiting company) based on the limit you have configured within their assigned stand type.


How do I create exhibitors categories?

Within the exhibitors categories tab, create categories and assign them to exhibitors. These categories will work as filters within other EventsCase products such as the website, event app, and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler. You can create groups first, and add sub-categories under each group.


Is it possible to add an Exhibitor without a stand type?

No, all exhibiting companies that you add within the Exhibitors product should be assigned a stand type.

How do I create a stand type?

Click on Add new stand type and add specific instructions and define limits to the number of staff numbers that can be added per exhibiting company and the maximum number of 1-2-1 meetings each staff member can have (if you have contracted the 1-2-1 Meeting Scheduler as well).


Is it possible to create a Registration Form for the Exhibitors?

Yes, go to the Registration Form section and add at least one field below. A popup window containing the form will have to be completed by the stand owner the first time he/she accesses the exhibitor's portal (My Stand). Responses to the registration form can be modified at a later time.

How do I add questions on the Registration Form?

By clicking on the Add question/text button, you can add new fields to the registration form.
You can chose between the following type of questions:
    Short Text Area: For open-ended questions (responses limited to 250 words)
    Long Text Area: For open-ended questions (responses with no limit to word count)
    Checkbox: A tick box
    Choose From a List: For multiple-choice questions; only one answer allowed
    Question Title: Plain text. Can be used to separate the registration form into different sections.
    File: Allows attendees to upload any file format to the registration form
    Score 1 - 10: Used to score a variable on a scale of 1 to 10
    Score 1 - 5: Used to score a variable on a scale of 1 to 5
    Score 0 - 10: Used to score a variable on a scale of 0 to 10
    Date: Used for date responses.
    Number: Used for number responses
    Phone Number: Used for phone number responses
    Time: Used for time responses
    Explanation text: Plain text. Can be used to insert text in any part of the registration form.

Is it possible to download the responses to the registration form?

Click on the Download Results button to download the responses of your exhibitors to the registration form.


Can I generate a QR code for my exhibitors?

You can generate QR codes for each exhibiting company (1 QR code per exhibiting company). These QR codes can be scanned by attendees who are using the EventsCase event app to track which stands they have visited in a physical exhibition.
You simply have to set the desired QR size (between 30 and 100 mm), enter an email address where the QR codes will be be sent and click on Generate QR codes.


Where do I add an exhibitor?

Go to the section Exhibitors. You will be able to add each exhibiting company and manage each of them from this tab.
Adding exhibitors can be done:
    One by one
You would need to specify the exhibiting company name, the email address of the person responsible for the stand (stand owner), the stand type and the ID of the stand (optional).
    In bulk by uploading a CSV file.
Please use the template provided by clicking on Import CSV. Note that if you import a CSV file, that will trigger the following automatic email: Email sent to the stand main administrator (client) when the stand is created in order to access the exhibitors' area. This is the email that will be received by the stand owner (email of the person responsible for the stand) of each exhibiting company.

How do I edit an exhibitor?

Use the Pencil icon next to each exhibitor to edit its information:
Basic stand data
Brochures and files
Staff members
Search categorization
Registration form
Stand publishment
Within this section, you are able to upload a company logo, edit the company name & description, and add social media links related to the exhibiting company.
You may also upload files which can be downloaded by event attendees from the website and event app. Within the Brochures and files tab, click on Add file.
This is an example of how files associated to an exhibiting company can be downloaded from the website:
The stand owner (person responsible for the stand) will automatically appear within the staff members section of each exhibiting company. Persons that are added here will appear within the front-facing modules of the website, event app, and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler. You may add staff members yourself or let the stand owner do this himself/herself via the exhibitor's portal.
Any staff member added to an exhibiting company will have access as well to the exhibitor's portal after receiving the automatic email Email sent when a new staff person is added to the stand.
To add a staff member, type the email address and click on Add. This will trigger the said automatic email above inviting the staff member to the exhibitor's portal.
IMPORTANT: You or the stand owner of each exhibiting company will have to add exhibitors as staff members first before letting them register to the event. Once they are already registered to the event, you will not be able to assign them as staff members for any exhibiting company.
This is where you will assign groups and subcategories to an exhibiting company so that it will be easier for attendees to filter the entire exhibitors' list within the website, event app and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler.
Here's an example of filtering exhibitors within the app:
This section would simply allow you to answer the registration form in behalf of the stand owner of the exhibiting company.
In order for the exhibiting company to appear within front-facing modules of the website, event app and 1-2-1 meeting scheduler, it has to be published first.
Click on Publish to publish the stand and click on Unpublish to unpublish a stand.

How do I delete an exhibitor?

Click on the trash bin icon next to each company and confirm its deletion.

Is it possible to delete all the exhibitors?

Yes, you can clear the entire exhibitors' list by clicking on Delete all.
Yes, within the Exhibitors tab, you will be able to download a Basic Report and a Detailed Report related to downloaded files per exhibiting company.

How do exhibitors visualise the exhibitor's portal (My Stand)?

For your exhibitors (end users), this is how the exhibitor's portal (My Stand) would look like for them when they log into the platform:
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