Check-in App


What does the status mean?

Once your check-in app is activated by your Project Manager, the status will change from In process to App available.

How do I download the check-in app?

The download links are found on the dashboard for both iOS and Android. If your platform is hosted on a separate server, please be reminded that EventsCase will have to generate new apps since you cannot use the default EventsCase Check-in App.

What are the statistics I can see on the dashboard?

The statistics on the dashboard will show you data related to the check-in process. Please find some descriptions below:
  • Registered: total number of registered attendees on the Approved Attendees list.
  • Attended: total number of attendees who were checked in at the event level.
  • Checkins: total number of checkins done via the app or the AUTO-CHECKIN website module.
  • Checkouts: total number of checkouts done via the app.
You may also view check-in statistics according to the ticket type, the delegate category and the sessions.

How do I download a report of the check-ins and check-outs?

Click on the Export button to download a report of all check-ins and check-outs. The report will show you timestamped entries so that you may pinpoint when exactly someone has been checked in or out.

What data can I see within the last checked attendees section?

This section shows you the latest attendees who were checked-in or checked-out during the event. Use the search bar to look for a specific attendee's records.

Where do I download reports for sessions check-ins?

If you have used the check-in app or the AUTO-CHECKIN website module for sessions, you would need to go to the CONTENT menu and click on Agenda. Click on the Management of a specific session and click on Confirmed attendees. Lastly, click on the Download confirmed attendees report to download a report in CSV format.


How can I add new users who can use the check-in app?

Only users found within this section can log in to use the check-in app. To add a new user, click on the +Add User button. You can only add users with existing user accounts in the platform.
If the person still does not have a user account within the platform, go to ADMIN -> User and click on Add new user.

Why cannot I log into the check-in app despite being added as an authorised user?

If your email address was added as a check-in app user in other events (or even in other platforms within the EventsCase ecosystem), you email address won't work. In this case, it is recommended that you create a dummy account (via ADMIN -> User) to gain access to the check-in app of a specific event.


What information can be shown on the user profiles within the check-in app?

This section allows you to show registration form data within an attendee's profile when their QR code is scanned in the check-in app or when you manually tap on their name in the attendee list. Tick the boxes that you'd like to show within an attendee's profile and click on Save.
Here is an example of how registration data (departure country and destination country) is shown within the check-in app: